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Teach anything online with ANU. Currently available for free to individuals and schools to help in the COVID-19 crisis.

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Charge for your courses

It’s up to you whether or not you charge for your courses. We don’t take an extra fee if you do, and we don’t charge commission. Set up your course payments with your normal method, such as PayPal or Credit Card, and manage it separately to ANU.

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Easy to Use

ANU is deceptively simple and easy for teachers and students. Teachers create courses, break them down into modules and lessons, upload content, and add an assessment at the end. Students log in, access the lessons, track progress, take assessments, and chat with their teacher.

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Works on any device

Learn on the go or at home. ANU works on mobile and tablet, as well as laptops. Once accessed on your device, a course is also available offline. This is ideal if your students need to study out of wifi or mobile data range, or want to reduce data use on their devices.

What is ANU?

Anu is a deceptively simple learning management system (LMS) for individual teachers, educational organisations and businesses built on Drupal. It’s been developed to provide engaging and impactful learning for real people, with a UX based on extensive research.

Why is ANU free?

Many people are affected by the COVID-19 crisis, including schools, independent teachers, trainers, and students. To help, we’re making ANU free for 6 months so you can keep teaching - and getting paid. If you can, please donate to our hosting costs to help us help more teachers.